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First CFD with Flowgy

Introduction First of all, what is Flowgy? Flowgy is a software dedicated for CFD of the nasal cavity with tools for virtual surgery. In this article, I will compare the results that I got with my industrial software (Onshape and Simscale) and the results with Flowgy. I would like to thank Pr Manuel Burgos for […]

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Virtual implant, first round

Introduction As planned I designed virtual implants in my nasal cavity in order to improve airflow distribution and decrease cross-sectional area to tend toward a healthy nose. Virtual implants placement In red are the virtual implants that I designed, you can see that I added a lateral wall implant behind the existing one on the […]

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CFD simulation of my nasal cavity

Introduction Finally, I was able to make a 3d model of my nasal cavity usable with a CFD software. For those who don't know what is CFD, it just mean Computational Fluid Dynamics which is the study of fluids, in our case the air.I took 15 l/min for the flow rate and I did not […]

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A simplified 3d model for fluid simulation

I designed a simplified 3d model of a nasal cavity (just one side) to test different scenarios such as adding an implant. You can see that I grouped the superior turbinate and the middle turbinate in order to simplify the model. I need a simple model because it is better to make future geometry change. […]

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How to know if my nose is too empty?

First of all, I found this study that compares the cross-sectional area of a control group with an ENS group. I found this interesting so I do the same for myself, and here are the results. We can see that there is no doubt that my nasal cavity (in blue) is more empty than the […]

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Slices holders

Now that we have seen how to 3d print the nasal cavity in slices we need parts to stack/de-stack easily the slices. So I have designed parts called "slices holders" which will be also been 3d printed in plastic. The slices will be glued to the "slices holders" I I'll take pictures of the set […]

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Cut the 3d model and print it !

Go to https://www.prusa3d.com/, click on software and select your OS. Install the prusa slicer.This software is a "slicer", it is used to prepare the 3d model to be 3d printed, to transform the STL file into a G-code readable for the 3d printer.But in our case, we will just use this software to edit the […]

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Turn your CT-SCAN into a 3d model

In this tutorial, I will explain how to turn your DICOM data pulled from your CT-SCAN into a 3d printable file. Go to https://www.slicer.org/ download the software and install it.Open it and click on import DICOM files, search the directory of your DICOM files and click on import. Click on show DICOM database, click on […]

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Can supplements improve nasal mucosa health ?

The first one is hydrolized collagen, some studies tend to prove that it can improve skin health, hydration, thickness etc ... Exemple this study. Hydrolyzed collagen is a type of collagen with low molecular weight in order to be better absorbed by the body and reach the skin and other organs. So I ask myself […]

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How to rebuild the nasal cavity?

I try to know how to rebuild the nasal cavity after an inferior turbinectomy, where to add volume in priority ? Some ENTs think that the head of the turbinates is the most important because it is where it's easiest to add resistance. And they often think that nasal resistance is the most important parameter […]

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Syringe pump

I just would like to share with you a device that I made. It is a syringe pump. Often during the night, our nose becomes dry, so we can use a humidifier. It works but has its limits. So I have designed this syringe pump in order to inject physiologic serum into the nasal cavities […]

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The case of my left nasal cavity

In this post, I would like to see which place is the best for an implant in my left nasal cavity. On this side, there is a remaining inferior turbinate. So I would like to know if it is better to implant cartilage on a lateral wall or if an implant in the turbinate is […]

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Find the best implant shape

In this post, I will try to find which implant shape is the best to get closer to the natural turbinate. Special thanks to Andrea Magelli to give me this idea. Below it is my case of my right nasale cavity before turbinectomy (yellow), after turbinectomy (green), after my cartilage implant (blue), and after a […]

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Use the breath visualization device as a sleep recorder

In the previous article I showed you a device for visualize your breathing. In this article I will show you how to use it as a sleep breathing recorder in order to detect hypopnea and apnea. For it, I have just connected the microcontroller arduino to the PC with a USB cable and use two […]

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A device to visualize breathing

Introduction Currently, a researcher from Ohio university drive an ENS study which consist of breathing visualization in order to tell to the brain that even we don't feel airflow we are currently breathing air.The technique of breathing consist of breath near a mirror for seen the fog created by our breathing.I directly thought that it […]

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Why people suffering from ENS don't generally sleep well and how to improve their sleep ?

Empty Nose Syndrome can affect your sleep in some ways.Some people wake up after one or two hours because the nose becomes dry.But I think that the first reason ENS affects our sleep is because it creates central sleep apnea. So what is central sleep apnea ? It is a respiratory problem which occurs when […]

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CPAP or auto servo ventilation can improve your sleep.

While in the previous post I explained why ENS can affect the sleep, in this post I will explain how a CPAP machine can help you to sleep better. There are two types of machines, the CPAP which is normally designed for obstructive sleep apnea and servo ventilation which is designed for central sleep apnea. […]

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