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Tips for Empty Nose Syndrome

ENS tips is a website which aims to help people who suffer from empty nose syndrome.
Everything I write on this site is only my ideas, I am neither a doctor nor a researcher.
I hope that you will learn something new.


Airflow simulation service

I'm starting a service of airflow simulation of your nasal cavity.
You just need to fill a form and share me your CT-SCAN in the DICOM format.
I will do the simulation and wrote a report with the following views:

Wall Sheer Stress

What is Wall Sheer Stress? WSS is the pressure exerted by the airflow to the walls. The higher the gradient of velocity near the wall the higher the WSS. It is an important value because it is the WSS that participe to the airflow sensation.

Airflow visualisation

Air flow represented by lines colored in function of velocity 

Drop presure 

Drop presure between nostrils and the pharynx, this value represents the nasal resistance.

Cuts view of the velocity

The nasal cavity is cuted several times in order to see the velocity of each cuts.
And also some other datas...

Airflow imbalance between the two sides

The air flow imbalance between the right and left side in percentage.

Cross-sectional area

The air of the "emptiness" all along the nasal cavity.
One more thing... The service is not free but you can pay what you want, keep in mind that it represents between 5 and 8 hours of work.

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Nasal plug

I started working on the design and manufacturing of nasal plugs which will aim to increase nasal resistance, increase airflow velocity and therefore increase WSS and ultimately nasal sensation

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