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Virtual implants, round 2.1

In the precedent article, I performed a virtual surgery by adding implants. I redid a virtual surgery keeping the previous implants and adding one on the left side.

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Virtual implants, second round with Flowgy

In this article, I will compare many parameters before and after the virtual implants to see if there are improvements.

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First CFD with Flowgy

Introduction First of all, what is Flowgy? Flowgy is a software dedicated for CFD of the nasal cavity with tools for virtual surgery. In this article, I will compare the results that I got with my industrial software (Onshape and Simscale) and the results with Flowgy. I would like to thank Pr Manuel Burgos for […]

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Virtual implants, first round

Introduction As planned I designed virtual implants in my nasal cavity in order to improve airflow distribution and decrease cross-sectional area to tend toward a healthy nose. Virtual implants placement In red are the virtual implants that I designed, you can see that I added a lateral wall implant behind the existing one on the […]

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