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What the longevity field can teach us for ENS?


For decades, teams of researchers around the world have been trying to find ways to extend lifespan and slow aging. Recently billions of dollars are injected into the research and some wealthy people are trying to do all they can to slow their aging process.
Bryan Johnson is one of them, he spends 2 millions dollars per year and has a team of 30 doctors for  his health.
So what is the link with ENS? Some of the techniques and products developed for “anti-aging” can maybe help us with ENS symptoms.

Blueprint project website all of his program is detailed here.

Can skin health be transposed to mucosa health?

The answer is I don’t know but we can say that mucosa and skin are similar tissues. For skin Bryan are using different creams, light therapy, fat injection…

Nasal creams

  • Vitamin C and E are well known for their antioxidant properties. Vitamin E is often included in nasal cream but not vitamin C.
  • Vitamin B3 also called niacin, it is a precursor of the coenzyme NAD which is involved in metabolism. Some studies say that B3 has antioxidant properties and can improve skin health [1].
  • Several creams from the cerave brand which mainly contain hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient. HA is already used in some nasal creams. Some skin studies say that nano-HA (less than 5 nm) can improve wrinkles and moisture [2].
  • Tretinoin is a form of vitamin A but more precisely a form of retinol which is known to increase cell renewal.

Those vitamins and compounds are interesting, maybe using some nasal creams with all these ingredients can improve the health of the mucosa in the long run.

Light therapy

Bryan also uses light therapy on the skin with different wavelengths, duration etc… It seems pseudo-science but some studies suggest that it can help in many ways [3].
532 (green)  and 1064 nm (infrared) pulsed and around 650 nm (red) for 12 minutes two times a week. Some studies show that red light therapy (650nm) can improve mitochondrial function And so the tissue function.
It is not easy to do pulsed light therapy in the nasal cavity but non-pulsed red light therapy is feasible. I built a little device that can do that. I follow what power and lengthways were used the most and the less dangerous. I exclude the 800nm+ wavelength because it is an infrared ray and it heats the tissues. So I choose 670nm LEDs that have the power to obtain radiation of around 50mW/cm². For the exposition time, I’m using around 5 minutes which is a common duration used in studies.

Little red therapy device

Fat, PRP injections

In his video (at 28 min), we see that he had allograft (from donor) fat injection under the skin in order to rejuvenate it. But skin and turbinates are not comparable because fat is naturally present under the skin but not in the turbinate and in the nasal cavity in general. It is why fat injection seems to have a big absorption rate in the nasal cavity. But some persons can have improvement of their ENS symptoms with several fat injections.
He also uses PRP (platelet rich plasma) (at 43 min) for hair growth, it is used for over 10 years for ENS without great success. It can improve a bit if the turbinectomy was not too aggressive.

Conclusion and warning

I don't know if all these things can improve ENS symptoms, so be careful and do your own research.

Bleprint program video


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