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Empty nose syndrome studies


Pathophysiology of empty nose syndrome
Jeanie Sozansky, BS,Steven M. Houser
Current and Alternative Therapies for Nasal Mucosa Injury
Jegadevswari Selvarajah, Aminuddin Bin Saim, Ruszymah Bt Hj Idrus, and Yogeswaran Lokanathan
Neuroregulation of Human Nasal Mucosa
James N. Baraniuk and Samantha J. Merck


Surgical outcome for empty nose syndrome: Impact of implantation site
Ta-Jen Lee, Chia-Hsiang Fu, Ching-Lung Wu, Yi-Chan Lee, Chi-Che Huang , Po-Hung Chang, Yi-Wei Chen, Hsiao-Jung Tseng
Surgical Treatment for Empty Nose Syndrome Using Autologous Dermal Fat: Evaluation of Symptomatic Improvement
Yu Hosokawa, MD, PhD, Takeshi Miyawaki, MD, PhD, Nobuyoshi Otori, MD, PhD, Taisuke Akutsu, MD, PhD, Ryohei Kimura, MD, Tetsuo Ikezono, MD, PhD, Nobuyoshi Otori, MD, PhD 

Autologous adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs)

The expansion of autologous adipose-derived stem cells in vitro for the functional reconstruction of nasal mucosa
Xiao Xu, Liang Li, Cheng Wang, Yang Liu, Chong Chen, Junling Yan, Hong Ding and Su‑yang Tang
The regenerative role of adipose‐derived stem cells (ADSC) in plastic and reconstructive surgery
Naghmeh Naderi,corresponding author, Emman J Combellack,, Michelle Griffin, Tina Sedaghati, Muhammad Javed,  Michael W Findlay, Christopher G Wallace, Afshin Mosahebi,, Peter EM Butler,  Alexander M Seifalian, and Iain S Whitaker
Stem cells in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine
Julia Katarzyna Czop,Magdalena Jałowska

Stromal vascular fraction (SVF)

Efficacy and Safety of Autologous Stromal Vascular Fraction in the Treatment of Empty Nose Syndrome
Do-Youn Kim, Hye Ran Hong, Eun Wook Choi, Sang Won Yoon, Yong Ju Jang

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Inferior meatus augmentation procedure (IMAP) normalizes nasal airflow patterns in empty nose syndrome patients via computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling
Jennifer Malik, PhD, Sachi Dholakia, BS, Barak M. Spector, Angela Yang, BA, Dayoung Kim, Nicole A. Borchard, Andrew Thamboo, Kai Zhao, PhD, and Jayakar V. Nayak, MD PhD
Investigation of the abnormal nasal aerodynamics and trigeminal functions among empty nose syndrome patients
Chengyu Li, PhD, Alexander A. Farag, MD, Guillermo Maza, MD, Sam McGhee, Michael A. Ciccone, Bhakthi Deshpande, MA, Edmund A. Pribitkin, MD, Bradley A. Otto, MD, and Kai Zhao, PhD
Impact of Middle vs. Inferior Total Turbinectomy on Nasal Aerodynamics
Anupriya Dayal, BS, John S. Rhee, MD, MPH, and Guilherme J. M. Garcia, PhD
Computational fluid dynamics and trigeminal sensory examinations of empty nose syndrome patients
Chengyu Li, Alexander A Farag, James Leach, Bhakthi Deshpande, Adam Jacobowitz, Kanghyun Kim, Bradley A Otto, Kai Zhao
Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis of aggressive turbinate reductions: Is it a culprit of Empty Nose Syndrome?
Jennifer Malik, Chengyu Li, Guillermo Maza, Alexander A. Farag,Jillian P Krebs, Sam McGhee, Gabriela Zappitelli, Bhakthi Deshpande, Bradley A. Otto,and Kai Zhao

TRPM8 receptors

The identification of the TRPM8 channel on primary culture of human nasal epithelial cells and its response to cooling
Shao-Cheng Liu, MD, PhD,a,b Hsuan-Hsuan Lu, PhD,b,c Hueng-Chuen Fan, MD, PhD,d Hsing-Won Wang, MD,a,b,e Hang-Kang Chen, PhD,a Fei-Peng Lee, MD,b Chong-Jen Yu, MD,c and Yueng-Hsiang Chu, MD, PhD
Definition of two agonist types at the mammalian cold-activated channel TRPM8
Annelies JanssensMaarten GeesBalazs Istvan TothDebapriya GhoshMarie MulierRudi VennekensJoris VriensKarel TalaveraThomas Voets Is a corresponding author
Effects of “trigeminal training” on trigeminal sensitivity and self-rated nasal patency
Annelies JanssensMaarten GeesBalazs Anna Oleszkiewicz,corresponding author# Timo Schultheiss,#1 Valentin A. Schriever, Jana Linke, Mandy Cuevas,1 Antje Hähner, and Thomas Hummel


Identifying Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in Patients with Empty Nose Syndrome
Chien-Chia Huang, Pei-Wen Wu, Chi-Cheng Chuang, Cheng-Chi Lee, Yun-Shien Lee, Po-Hung Chang, Chia-Hsiang Fu, Chi-Che Huang, Ta-Jen Lee
Sleep Loss Can Cause Death through Accumulation of Reactive Oxygen Species in the Gut
Alexandra Vaccaro, Yosef Kaplan Dor
Keishi Nambara, Cindy Lin, Michael E.Greenberg, Dragana Rogulja


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