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Use the breath visualization device as a sleep recorder

In the previous article I showed you a device for visualize your breathing. In this article I will show you how to use it as a sleep breathing recorder in order to detect hypopnea and apnea. For it, I have just connected the microcontroller arduino to the PC with a USB cable and use two […]

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Why people suffering from ENS don't generally sleep well and how to improve their sleep ?

Empty Nose Syndrome can affect your sleep in some ways.Some people wake up after one or two hours because the nose becomes dry.But I think that the first reason ENS affects our sleep is because it creates central sleep apnea. So what is central sleep apnea ? It is a respiratory problem which occurs when […]

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CPAP or auto servo ventilation can improve your sleep.

While in the previous post I explained why ENS can affect the sleep, in this post I will explain how a CPAP machine can help you to sleep better. There are two types of machines, the CPAP which is normally designed for obstructive sleep apnea and servo ventilation which is designed for central sleep apnea. […]

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