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Do I Have Empty Nose Syndrome?

We get many questions of people asking whether they have ENS.


That being said, if you are asking yourself, if you should go see an ENT, please take the ENS6Q:

The "The Empty Nose Syndrome 6-Item Questionnaire (ENS6Q)" is a scientifically validated diagnostic aid and checks for the symptoms that makes ENS distinct from others nose diseases. Rate each symptom from 0 (not at all) to 5 (very severe).

  1. Dryness
  2. Sense of diminished nasal airflow
  3. Suffocation
  4. Nose feels too open
  5. Crusting
  6. Burning

Then add up the scores, the sum should be between 0 and 30. If you have a score of 11 or higher, you should consider seeing an ENT for proper diagnosis. Please be aware, that you might score unusually high in the early days and weeks after surgery. This is normal and expected, and will most likely disappear again after some times has passed and healing has progressed further.
Many doctors wait 6-12 months till making an official ENS diagnosis, because so much healing can still potentially happen during this time.


Please also check yourself for chronic overbreathing (the correct medical term is chronic hyperventilation). You can try the so called CP-test to check yourself. A healthy result would be 40 seconds or higher, below 20 seconds usually presents as noticeable health difficulties.
There is a study which showed that 77% out of 22 ENT patients were suffering from hyperventilation. But there are also anecdotal reports of ENS patients experiencing the opposite symptom of hypoventilation ("under-breathing"). Those might experience almost forgetting to breathe, for example.

If you have a low score and want to raise it, there are breathing exercises which can help you improve it. health difficulties. This video explains the concept and shows an exercise. Please try the exercise for a full 10 minutes and see if it improves your symptoms. It should provide relief for many nasal and breathing conditions. You can also check your CP score again afterwards and see if it is higher now. The exercise should provide relief for many people, whether they have ENS or not. The main difference is, that ENS patients will only have immediate, but not lasting effects from this.

What's next?

If you suspect, that you might be suffering from ENS, then please make an appointment with an ENT to get diagnosed. We have a list of doctors around the world which might be able to help you.

You might also want to take a look at our Self-Help Guide, to find something to give you relief in the meantime.

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