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Nasal plug

I started working on the design and manufacturing of nasal plugs which will aim to increase nasal resistance, increase airflow velocity and therefore increase WSS and ultimately nasal sensation

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Syringe pump

I just would like to share with you a device that I made. It is a syringe pump. Often during the night, our nose becomes dry, so we can use a humidifier. It works but has its limits. So I have designed this syringe pump in order to inject physiologic serum into the nasal cavities […]

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Use the breath visualization device as a sleep recorder

In the previous article I showed you a device for visualize your breathing. In this article I will show you how to use it as a sleep breathing recorder in order to detect hypopnea and apnea. For it, I have just connected the microcontroller arduino to the PC with a USB cable and use two […]

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A device to visualize breathing

Introduction Currently, a researcher from Ohio university drive an ENS study which consist of breathing visualization in order to tell to the brain that even we don't feel airflow we are currently breathing air.The technique of breathing consist of breath near a mirror for seen the fog created by our breathing.I directly thought that it […]

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