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Understanding Empty Nose Syndrome

⚠️ This page is work in progress (2024-02-27)

Understanding ENS Symptoms
ENS symptoms can vary, and if you have specific questions about pain, airflow sensations, mucus, or other symptoms, please consult a healthcare professional. While I don't personally experience these symptoms, I'm here to provide information and support.

The Causes of ENS Symptoms
ENS often results from structural changes in the nose during surgery, altering airflow patterns. Contrary to some beliefs, a lack of resistance is a symptom rather than a cause. Learn more about these changes in airflow patterns in ENS patients. Scientific study on airflow changes in ENS

The Role of Nitric Oxide
Nitric oxide (NO) plays a vital role in our bodies, despite being underestimated for a long time. It's produced in the sinuses' mucosa and delivered to the lungs when breathing through the nose. A reduced NO level may be connected to depression and anxiety scores in ENS patients. Scientific study on NO in the body

How NO Affects Mental Health
NO acts as a gasotransmitter and vasodilator, improving tissue perfusion without affecting blood oxygen saturation. Inadequate oxygen supply to organs can lead to muscle tension and chronic stress, potentially causing symptoms of depression. Scientific study on the link between NO and depression

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